Top Crypto Traders and Bots.

ZbotPro's Copy Trading lets users follow the best traders and Bots, users enjoy secure trading. Our Terminal offers multiple exchanges and advanced features, while Telegram and Email notifications keep users informed.


Copy Trading

Copy strategies of the best traders in the market or create your own trading signals and allow your friends or customers to Copy it and share your expertise with them


Get instant notifications on Telegram for all of your buy/sell orders, whether they are created or filled. This feature is especially useful for accepting trades in semi-auto copy trading mode


Your funds are held within your crypto exchange accounts. We utilize API keys to execute trades on your behalf, but we do not have access to withdraw your funds. Your assets are safe and secure with you!


At our platform, we value our community's feedback and suggestions to continuously improve our product. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience!